Business Innovation Group (BIG) – For Innovators

Innovators seeking to commercialise their products, innovation or technology are offered a package of comprehensive professional services within the Innovation Hub:

  • Corporate advisory
  • Capital raising
  • Professional services
  • Portfolio Company support

In our experience, far better commercial outcomes are achieved by Innovators far quicker when part of a structured Incubator or Early-stage Company Accelerator, than when operating alone as an ‘orphan’ business with little or no resuurces.

Business Innovation Group (BIG) – Services Needed for Success

BIG fully understands the needs of Innovators and offers a comprehensive package of professional services.

Professional services are provided by BIG or its Professional Services Partners and include:

Product or Service Available Only to

Portfolio Companies

Capital raising tick
Patent filing tick
IP protection tick
Legal services tick
Accounting services tick
Commercialisation tick
Company secretarial tick
Shared office facilities tick
Audit tick
 Corporate governance tick


These products and services are provided by BIG or its Accredited Service Providers.  For more information go to the Product & Services page of this website or contact BIG using the Contact page of this website.

Business Innovation Group (BIG) – A Leading Incubator and Early-stage Company Accelerator

Most incubators and accelerators offer only co-working spaces (typically at a cost of $500 per desk per week), investment memorandum (typically at a cost of $25,000-$60,000) and a business “mentor” in return for up to 40% equity in the Founders’ business.  There is little, if any,  risk-sharing in such arrangements and they represent poor value.

BIG takes a different view believing that Innovators are not all millenials or bearded “hipsters” working on the latest app and they certainly need far more than a bean bag, a ping-pong table, $25,000 seed capital and a “pitch-fest” to succeed.

However, we make no apologies for being far more corporate and strongly focused on the management of all business, financial and legal risks associated with the business of each portfolio Company. Investing in innovation and start-ups is risky enough and should not be reduced to a numbers game of simply having a mixed-bag of start-ups in a portfolio in the hope that one succeeds.  That is not an investment strategy – in our view it’s a gamble and better odds can be had on a horse at the racetrack.

To make each Portfolio Company investor-ready, risk needs be carefully and professionally manged through:

  • Proper technical and commercial evaluation of the innovation
  • Analysis of the market
  • Understanding of the industry and technology trends affecting the business
  • Criteria for selection of Portfolio Companies
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Conservative financial management
  • Budgeting and cashflow management
  • Strong management and corporate advisory team
  • Strict corporate governance

BIG professional services form the basis of a comprehensive package offered to our Portfolio Companies designed to achieve managed risk selection, managed commercial execution and manged investment exit for the benefit of the Founders and their Investors.

Headed by a strong commercialisation team of industry experts and advisers with experience spanning InfoTech, Fintech, Insuretech, Cleantech,  BioTech through to Industrial Processes and Mining and supported by capital partners, BIG is transforming innovation with its holistic and risk managed approach to the commercialisation of intellectual property.

BIG is a true ‘one-stop shop’ for Innovators.

Business Innovation Group (BIG) – Embedded Professional Team in each Portfolio Company

Our sole objective is to create and grow the shareholder value of its Portfolio Companies for their Founders and Investors.

To achieve this, BIG embeds a team of professionals alongside the Innovators and the Founders’ Management Team.  The BIG Advisory Team has an allocation of equity in the business to align their interests and share risk.  Each BIG Adviser has had their own start-up company successes – they share a passion for innovation.

Table 1 – BIG Embedded Advisory Team and Professional Support

Advisory Team BiG Other Incubators / Accelerators
Professional – Corporate Finance tick cross
Professional Director tick cross
Senior Commercialisation Adviser tick cross
Specialist Technology or Industry Adviser tick cross
Chief Financial Officer tick cross
International/ In-country Specialist Adviser/s (As required) tick cross

Business Innovation Group (BIG) – Package of Professional Services for each Portfolio Company

The following is a typical package of services offered to BIG Portfolio Companies.  The combination of services components may vary with the individual and unique requirements of each business and according its the stage of development.

Professional services are provided by BIG or its Professional Services Partners at cost to the Founder nor to the Portfolio Company until its initial investment funding has been secured.

Table 2 – BIG Standard Package of Services

Service BIG Most Other Incubators / Accelerators Notes
Corporate Advisory Team embedded for 5 years tick tick Paid only after investment funding is secured
Strategic and Business Plan tick tick No cost
Financial Model and Budgets tick tick No cost
Prior Art Review and IP Audit  tick  tick  No cost
Provisional Patent/PCT International Patent Application (Initial filing only) tick tick At cost
Offshore Unlisted Public Company (Trading entity) and Private Company (IP entity) tick tick At cost
Intellectual Property Review / IP Audit tick tick No cost
Investment Memorandum tick tick No cost
Capital Raising and Share Offer tick tick Success fee only
Collateral and Investor Presentation tick tick No cost
Investor Terms Sheets tick tick No cost
Portfolio Company Agreement tick tick No cost
Share Subscription Agreement tick tick No cost
Shareholders Agreement tick tick No cost
Intellectual Property License and Use Agreements tick tick No cost
Confidentiality Agreement tick tick No cost
Partner Agreements tick tick No cost


BIG was established by experienced venture capital investors who recognised the need to better support innovators and to better manage investment risk of start-ups and early-stage companies.

BIG’s model is designed to ensure the success of its Portfolio Companies.  It is a hands-on approach that requires major investment of expensive professional resources by BIG.  That is why no other incubator or early-stage company accelerator operates this holistic business model nor shares risk with the Innovator in this way.

What we offer innovators is a simple proposition – to create shareholder value and manage business, financial and legal risk.

To achieve this promise, BIG focuses on the 5 essential keys to commercial success.

Every member of the BIG Advisory Team has had their own successful start-ups.  We each know first-hand, the drive, dedication and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs and each has experienced for themselves, the long journey starts-up undertake and the inevitable difficulties that innovators face.

BIG is an Incubator and Early-Stage Company Accelerator that truly understands and, finally, meets the real needs of Innovators with a professionalism that is unmatched.

BIG is itself a demonstration of real business innovation.