Business Innovation Group (BIG) – A leading Incubator and Early-stage Company Accelerator

BIG’s Innovation Hub is headed by a professional team of industry experts with business experience spanning InfoTech, FinTech, InsureTech, CleanTech and BioTech through to industrial processes and mining.  With the support of our capital partners, BIG is transforming the way innovation and is commercialised.

In just five years BIG has grown its investment portfolio and embedded its Advisory Teams in over 10 Portfolio Companies.

BIG leads the innovation marketplace with its revolutionary new Innovation Hub, creating one of the largest pipelines of new technology start-ups and early stage companies.

Benefits of Investment in a BIG Portfolio Company

Investing in a BIG Portfolio Company is an intelligent investment choice.

The BIG investment model is one of managed risk selection, managed commercial execution and managed investment exit.  We make a minimum 5 year commitment to each Portfolio Company.

BIG offers:

  •  Strong pipeline of investment opportunities drawn from patent attorneys, universities, industry and professional services partners including accountants and legal advisers
  •  Access to supporting capital partners
  •  An Investment Committee to reduce investment risk
  •  A diversified portfolio across industries to reduce industry risk
  •  A diversified portfolio of technologies to reduce technology risk
  •  Corporate Advisory team embedded in every Portfolio Company to reduce commercial risk

 Risk Reduction

Each Portfolio Company of BIG has developed a disruptive technology and represents international growth potential.

However, of critical importance to Investors is minimization of their investment risk and this requires a hands-on approach in relation to each BIG Portfolio Company to ensure its commercial success.

Our Investment Committee comprises lawyers, accountants, corporate finance, commercialisation and technology specialists.

We apply a rigorous evaluation methodology in selecting BIG Portfolio Companies. Having been spun-out of a firm of patent attorneys, BIG has a natural emphasis on intellectual property and its protection – after all, a patent grants an effective 20 year commercial monopoly.

From our wide funnel of investment opportunities we select only those companies with the highest potential return for investors.

To become a BIG Portfolio Company, 10 essential criteria have to be met:

  1. Innovation must be a disruptive technology and a game-changer
  2. Strong intellectual property position or patent protection
  3. International growth potential
  4. Cashflow positive within 1 year and capable of achieving > 40% gross margin within 3 years
  5. $250K+ Seed Capital and $2+ mill Series A capital raising
  6. Strong team focused on managed execution of strategic and business plans
  7. Understanding of risk minimization, creation of shareholder value
  8. Founder is team player having a cultural fit with embedded BIG and its Advisory Team
  9. Ethical corporate behaviour and strict corporate governance
  10. Alignment to BIG objectives to be investor-ready, create shareholder value and a clear understanding of required investment returns

Every BIG Portfolio Company benefits from:

  • Founders keep a controlling shareholding during early-stage and  up to completion of Seed Capital raising
  • No equity dilution until Series A Capital raising
  • BIG professional advisory team embedded alongside the Founders
  • Each member of the BiG team has an equity allocation in the Portfolio Company to align their interests with the Founders and Investors
  • Senior Commercialisation Adviser embedded as a Primary Adviser responsible for execution of the Strategic Plan
  • Industry or Technology Expert embedded Secondary Adviser responsible for execution of the Business Plan
  • Chief Financial Officer embedded to manage capital, budgeting and cashflow
  • Corporate Lawyers advising on essential agreements and corporate compliance
  • Patent and Trademark Attorneys advising on securing and protecting the intellectual property
  • Two professional directors appointed to the Board having professional qualifications in intellectual property, accounting, corporate finance or law to ensure corporate governance
  • Weekly Management Meeting of all stakeholders in the Portfolio Company

This is a holistic and professional approach that meets the needs and balances the interests of Innovators and Investors.  However, it isn’t suited to all Innovators – some have what we refer to as “Founders Syndrome” – they have become so close to their project as to lose perspective, unwilling to give up control or unable to transition to become a team player.

Our approach is not to simply secure funding for the Founder and “hope for the best”.  Founders may lack strategic, corporate or senior management experience.  They are certainly ill-equipped to manage alone an early-stage company, corporate development and rapid international growth. The real value of the Founders to the business is as the subject-matter experts in relation to their innovation or technology and their industry or business network of key relationships.

BIG’s model is hands-on – it is comprehensive – it is professional – it is risk managed.

We do not encourage Founders to simply build a business using their technology or innovation – our objective to build a valuable business licensing the technology to or joint venturing with existing players in the market.  Why invest capital in building infrastructure that already exists?  Why spend capital taking years to build production or manufacturing capability and distribution channels to market when they already exist?

BIG prefers to turn our Portfolio Company’s competitors into partners, to use their capital instead of the investors and build royalty-based “cashbox” businesses.

BIG is the only Innovation Hub providing access to capital partners, but we understand that Founders need a complete package of professional services and dedicated resources in order to succeed commercially.

Every day the BIG team focuses on protecting the IP, developing sound corporate strategy, risk minimisation, managed and successful execution of the business plan , creating shareholder value and aiming for profitable investment exit within 5 years.

We are passionate about innovation and thrive on our Portfolio Companies achieving commercial success for their Founders and Investors.

Trusted Capital Partners

BIG has a pool of high net worth investors who we approach for Angel Funding as Sophisticated Investors.

For Seed Capital we look to our trusted capital partners as Professional Investors.

For Series A Capital we look to larger venture capital funds, social impact investment funds in UK, USA , Hong Kong, Australia and China.

HNW Investors wishing to receive Pre-offers on preferential investment terms or Professional investors or Fund Managers wishing to review Share Offers issued by our Portfolio Companies, should register interest with BIG using the contact page on this website.