Company Name

Causal Activity Analysis Pty Limited (Causality) is data analytics disrupter.

Causality is Australian Company Number 629 172 676 having its principal offices in Sydney and representation in United Kingdom.

The Opportunity

Causality was founded by eminent data scientist, Professor Dr John Galloway AM, who was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia in 2015 for his pioneering work in data analytics and as founder of Netmap, the first data analytics breakthrough of relationship mapping used by law enforcement (NSW Police, Federal Police), intelligence (MI5, CIA, FBI and Mossad) and Governments in Australia, USA and United Kingdom.

Dr Galloway co-founded the Complex System Research Centre  at University of Technology, Sydney and is an Adjunct Professor of the School of Computing, Engineering & Mathematics at Western Sydney University.

Having completed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) platform, Casuality has already proven its technology in the oil & gas industry FPSO’s using time series data to achieve 5% savings in production downtime worth over USD$10.5M per month on each offshore platform rig that typically produces 100,000 barrels per day.

Casuality is also being applied for a private client in sports betting with outstanding results and ROI.

The Company is now building a scaleable tech platform for use across any industry having IoT or time-series data.

Technology Description

Causality has developed next-generation data analytics to go beyond first-generation relationship mapping  and second-generation correlation of data items, to now using time-series data to provide causal analytics and predictive outcomes.

Big data and data analytics is at the heart of data-based decision-making.  It now drives the future of machine learning and AI.  However, simple correlation of data is limited in value and not sufficient to power serious machine learning and AI.

This next generation of data analytics seeks to identify the causes of relationships between data items in any time series data.  This breakthrough technology enables big data collected through the internet of things (IoT) to be directly translated into corrective  actions (through either  human intervention or by AI decisions) to deliver real improvements in all enterprise operations, manufacturing, mining and industrial processes.

Causal analytics is the fore-runner of the final frontier of data analytics – predictive analysis.  By fully understanding the both the correlation between data items and the causes of the relationships, the  between those data items, enables accurate predictive analysis in real time.  Imagine being able  to accurately predict where faults and breakdowns will occur and take preventative action to minimize downtime and costs.

More Information

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United Kingdom:

Gregg Eichhorn (Director)

m: +44 7950427676



Professor Dr John Galloway, OAM (Director)

m: +61 (0)411 387 867